Terms & Conditions

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The following requirements apply based on the Purchase Order received from Watts Aviation Services Ltd.

  1. PACKING AND SHIPPING. Supplier must prepare/package product to prevent shipping damage and deterioration.

  1. SHIPMENT/DELIVERY. Shipments or deliveries, as specified in the buyers Purchase Order, shall be in accordance with the specified quantities and the specified schedules. Supplier is encouraged to notify the buyer of any anticipated or actual delay.

  1. RIGHT OF ENTRY. Supplier shall allow the buyers representatives, customers, statutory and regulatory agencies right of entry into the applicable areas of Supplier’s facilities and the entire supply chain to verify all processes and records.

  1. QUALITY. Supplier shall provide and maintain an inspection system which will assure that all delivered products conform to Purchase Order requirements, whether manufactured or processed by the supplier or a sub-tier supplier. Supplier shall maintain controls and perform all inspections and tests required to substantiate product conformance to Purchase Order requirements.  

  1. INSPECTION AND TEST EQUIPMENT. Supplier shall maintain inspection and test equipment to assure calibration traceable to a known national or international standard. Calibration records must be maintained and made accessible to the buyer, if required.

  1. FOREIGN OBJECT DAMAGE. Supplier shall control/prevent foreign object damage or contamination during manufacture, assembly, inspection and/or shipment. The FOD program requirements must be made accessible to the buyer upon request.

  1. RECORDS. The Supplier shall maintain records of work performed for the buyer. Records shall include the COC provided to the buyer as well as records that support the certificate. Records must be available to the buyer upon request. Records must be maintained for a minimum of ten (10) years. Disposition required is; a) hard copy records – shred, b) electronic/digital files – delete.

  1. CERTIFICATIONS. Supplier must ensure that individual parameters within a given specification have been met. Certifications must reflect that all applicable manufacturing and process specifications called for have been met.

  1. FIRST ARTICLE INSPECTION. If required by the buyer on the Purchase Order, first article inspections are to be recorded on form AS9102 or equivalent.

  1. CHANGES. Any change to the requirements as stated on the Purchase Order must be approved by the buyer prior to taking action on those proposed changes.

  1. COUNTERFEIT PARTS PROGRAM. Supplier is requested to protect the buyer from counterfeit parts from being shipped.

Rev 1, 2018