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Desser Aero Classic Aircraft Tires

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Desser is a leading distributor and retreader of specialty aviation tires to commercial, business, military and general aviation aftermarkets, providing over 100,000 aircraft tires and tubes annually, to customers in more than 85 countries.

Desser manufactures aircraft tires and tubes for all general aviation, collector classic military aircraft (“warbird”) and speciality aircraft. Manufacturing capabilities range from the smallest tailwheel aircraft to the largest transport aircraft. Desser’s inventory is robust and includes hard to find sizes and plies. The company is prepared to support its customers’ needs, no matter how small or large.

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Product Range

Desser Tires & Tubes

Part NumberSizeProductBrandPlyRatedDetails
TR-1310 SCTubesAero Classicn/aTR-13 Valve Stem, tube
IA-2802B-0110.00 SCChannel TreadAero Classic8Square Tire channel groove
IA-2886-0110.00 SCTail WheelAero Classic8Smooth
003-02-03-00-00-000310.00 SC -126TubesAero Classicn/aInner Tube-Metal Stem
C-AV-07-1000N1000-7TubesAero Classicn/aTR-25 Valve Stem Straight
1V165010x3.50-4RibAero Classic4Fits Scott 3400/3450 series 10' diameter, Rib Tread
1V165110x3.50-4RibAero Classic6Heavy Duty Rib Fit: Scott 3400/3450 Tailwheels
DTR20-20110x3.50-4TubesAero Classicn/aTR 87 90 degree valve stem, Inner Tube
3131111.00x12RibAero Classic10Tubeless/TT 10PR DHC-6 mains AT 802
C-AV-12-1100(TR-176-45 DEG)11.00x12TubesAero Classicn/aTR-176 valve - Natural Rubber Tube
3131011.00x12RibAero Classic8Tubeless or Tube Type
GL-1113N1100-12TubesAero Classicn/aTR-13 Valve Stem, Natural Rubber tube
Z CAC 11/4/5 8P11x4.00-5RibAero Classic8Cessna C162 Nose Tire
DTR558211x4.00-5RibAero Classic82 Groove Heavy duty, TT/TL, fits Van's RV 6,7,8,9,14 nose wheels
DTR20-40011x4.00-5TubesAero Classicn/aTR-87 Valve Stem, Inner Tube. Fits Van's RV 6,7,8,9,14 nose wheels
GL-1267B12.5-4.5TubesAero Classicn/aTR-67 bent valve, Tailwheel Tube
HW076115812.5x4.5Channel TreadAero Classic14P-51 Channel Tread 2000 Lb. rated TW tire
DTR125012.5x4.5-10 Channel TreadAero Classic1410/14 Version Dual PR version
Aero Classic1250x16TubesAero Classicn/aTR-101, Natural Rubber tube
DTR20-30013x5.00-6TubesAero Classicn/aTr-87 90 degree 90 degree valve stem, 400-6 Inner Tube TR
GL-4087B13x5.00-6 (4.00-6)TubesAero Classicn/aTR-87 short bent valve stem, heavy duty tube
C-AV-05-1400N14.50 (5.00-4)TubesAero Classicn/aTR-20 Valve Stem
3132214.5x5.5-6RibAero Classic14120 mphTL S-76
5203PN NATURAL TR-921550-20TubeAero Classicn/aAero Classic tube for DC4 and Warbird tires
3303215x6.00-6RibAero Classic6Tubeless Tire FAA-TSO TL tire Cirrus Main tire
3303415x6.00-6RibAero Classic10Aero Classic Tubeless Tire
GL-1520N15x6.00-6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-20 Valve Stem, Natural Rubber Tube
DTR142015x6.00-6RibAero Classic6Light Sport Tire -Lightweight, LSA Non-TSO
GL-1520B15x6.00-6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-20 Straight valve, Inner Tube. Fits standard Cleveland/McCauley wheels
GL-1587B15x6.00-6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-87-70 Short 70 degree stem, Butyl Inner Tube
DTR20-50015x6.00-6TubesAero Classicn/aExperimental Tr-87- 90 Degree bent valve, Inner Tube
C-AV-4.4-1600N16x4.4TubesAero Classicn/aTR-60 Valve Stem, Natural Rubber tube for nose tire
GL-1791B17.00-16TubesAero Classicn/aTR-91 Valve Stem, Inner Tube
C-AV-5.5-1800A / VALVE TR-6718x5.5TubesAero Classicn/aTR-67 90 Deg Valve Stem, Tube
C-AV-5.5-1800C18x5.5TubesAero Classicn/aTR-67 45 Deg Metal valve stem, tube
C-AV-5.5-1800N (70 DEGREE)18x5.5TubesAero Classicn/aTR-67 70 Deg Metal valve, tube
DTR151018x5.5RibAero Classic8Light Sport/Experimental Use only- FAA-TSO
GL-1815B18x5.5TubesAero Classicn/aTR-15 Valve Stem, tube
C-AV-08-0195N19.5/675-8 TubesAero Classicn/aNatural Rubber Tube
GL-1915N19.5x675-8TubesAero Classicn/aNatural Rubber Aircraft Tube
TU 2000-2020.00-20TubesAero Classicn/aTR-193 Valve Stem, C-130 Main tire Tube
DTR1240200-50RibAero Classic6Heavy Duty (Glider or Tailwheel)
DTR1430210-65RibAero Classic4Rib Tire for tailwheels and gliders
DTR20-600210-65 (250-3)TubesAero Classicn/aTR-87 short 90 valve stem, Inner Tube
21/800-6 4 PLYB21x8.00-6TundraAero Classic4Buffed Smooth Tread
3010121x8.00-6TundraAero Classic4Tundra Flotation TT/TL TSO
GL-2215N22x8.00-8TubesAero Classicn/aTR-15 Valve Stem, Natural Rubber Tube
GL-2215B22x8.00-8 TubesAero Classicn/aTR-15 Valve Stem, Inner Butyl Tube, C208 nose tube and others
C-AV-7.7-2400N24x7.7TubesAero Classicn/aTR-25 valve stem, tube
C-AV-26-0660N26x6.6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-176 Valve Stem
3130427 SCRibAero Classic1027' SC Aero Classic Rib Tread- Stearman/P51/T6 mains
3130227 SCDiamondAero Classic10Diamond Tread-Stearman/P51/T6 mains
GL-2725N27 SCTubesAero Classicn/aTR-25 Valve Stem, Natural Rubber tube P51,T6, Stearman
1V1514280x250-4Tail WheelAero Classic6Fits Scott 3200 series/Maule Tailwheels - Heavy Duty
1V1545280x250-4Tail WheelAero Classic4fits: Scott 3200/Maule tailwheels
542-776280x250-4TubesAero Classicn/aHeavy Duty Butyl Tube for Scott 3200 & Maule pneumatic tailwheels
DTR20-100280x250-4TubesAero Classicn/aTR-87 Valve Stem, Inner Tube. Fits : Scott 3200 & Maule type tailwheels
3133129x1100-10TundraAero Classic4Smooth TTxTL
C-AV-29-1100/10B STRAIGHT29x1100-10TubesAero Classicn/aTR-93 Valve Stem, Butyl Tube
C-AV-29-1100/10NB 90 DEGREE29x1100-10TubesAero Classicn/a90 Degree Stem Tr-193 valve stem, Tube
GL-2925N29x1100-10TubesAero Classicn/aTR-25 Medium Length Valve Stem, Natural Rubber Tube
GL-29150B29x1100-10TubesAero Classicn/aTR-150 Long Stem Valve, Tube
3822000230.00 SCTubesAero Classicn/aExperimental Inner Tube (TR-13 Stem)
3133031/11-10TundraAero Classic4FAA-TSO 10' Wheel (Grove)
C-AV-8.8-3200N32x8.8TubesAero Classicn/aTR-176 Metal Valve Off Center, tube
C-AV-32-088032x8.8TubesAero Classicn/aTR-150 Rubber Long Valve, Tube
3131834x9.9RibAero Classic14TLS/TT
C-AV-9.9-3400N34x9.9TubesAero Classicn/aTR-176 Valve Stem, Inner Tube
DTR1470350x6Tail WheelAero Classic6Regular duty tire for tailwheel and sailplane applications
DTR20-700350x6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-87 90 degree valve stem, 10/350x6 Inner Tube
558-188 TR-1336x13-12TubesAero Classicn/aTR-13 Valve Stem, inner tube (Dt (558-188)
558-00236x13-12(15.00-12)TubeAero Classicn/a1500-12 TR-176 Inner Tube
31313380x150x5RibAero Classic6will fit 5' Cleveland and Grove wheels
313074.00x150Desser Aero ClassicAero Classic6Yak / Cj Tire Nose and other eastern bloc aerobatic planes
GL-38067N4.00x150 (380x150x5)TubesAero Classicn/aTR-67 0 Degree Bent Valve Stem, Inner Tube
DTR12704.00x4RibAero Classic8New 2 Groove Rib Heavy Use rated,
DTR20-2064.00x4TubesAero Classicn/a400-4 Inner Tube, fits a 4.00 -4 tire LSA and experimental aircraft tires
DTR12804.00x6RibAero Classic6(14 X 4) Rib Tl Heavy Duty Tire
DTR12854.00x6RibAero Classic8New 2 Groove Premium, Extra wear and durability
43168002410x350-5TubesAero Classicn/aTR-87 Valve Stem, tube
3131744 SCRibAero Classic14Tube Type WWII
5201SNA NATURAL TR-176 90 DEG44 SCTubesAero Classicn/a44' SC Warbird Inner Tube TR-176
AA73C47 SCVintage LookAero Classic14Warbird Main, All Weather Tire
C-AV-13-1900N47 SCTubesAero Classicn/aTU 47 SC AC 44'/47'
313065.00x150Desser Aero ClassicAero Classic6Yak / Cj Tire mains
C-AV-15-05005.00x150TubesAero Classicn/aYak 50/52/CJ-6
558-239 AC-215.00x4TubesAero Classicn/aAC-21 Valve Stem, Inner Tube
GL-50467N5.00x4TubesAero Classicn/aTR-67 90 degree bent valve stem, Inner Tube
500-5 6 PLY RTO5.00x5Elite PremiumDesser Retread6Retread, Elite Premium 2 Groove 9/32nds tread depth, 32902-RE
312325.00x5RibAero Classic6120 mphTT/TL
500-5 6 PLY RTM5.00x5MonsterDesser Retread6Retread Monster 9/32nds
322025.00x5Vintage LookAero Classic6All weather tread
324035.00x5Vintage LookAero Classic10Tubetype/Tubeless Tire
322015.00x5Vintage LookAero Classic4All Weather Tread
GL-5067N5.00x5TubesAero Classicn/aTR-67 Valve Stem, Natural Rubber Tube
DTR13505.00x5RibAero Classic6LSA extra wear Light Sport Tire
GL-5067B5.00x5TubesAero Classicn/aTR-67 Valve Stem, Inner Tube. Fit: Standard Cleveland/Grove/McCauley wheels
GL-5087B5.00x5TubesAero Classicn/aTR-87 90 Degree short stem, inner tube, many GSE wheels will take this tube
DTR139355.50x4Twin ContactAero Classic8high reliability tailwheel and certain nose wheel applications
558-103 TR-9156SCTubesAero Classicn/a558-103 TR-91 Stem
600-6 6 PLY RT A6.00x6Standard Tread DepthDesser Retread67/32nds' Aero Trainer, 30620-R
322046.00x6Vintage LookAero Classic4All Weather Tread, Vintage Look Tire
322056.00x6Vintage LookAero Classic6All Weather, Vintage look tire
30620 TRAINER6.00x6RibAero Classic6Desser Aero trainer Economical General Aviation Tire
GL-6020N6.00x6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-20 Valve Stem, Natural Rubber Inner Tube, able to withstand extreme cold temps.
GL-60879B6.00x6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-87 Short 90 Degree short stem, Butyl rubber tube
GL-60877B6.00x6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-87 70 Degree Valve Stem, Butyl Inner Tube
GL-6020B6.00x6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-20 Valve Stem, Butyl Inner Tube. Fits 6.00x6 Cleveland, McCauley, Grove
GL-6067N6.00x6.5 (420 X 150)TubesAero Classicn/aTR-67 Bent valve - standard 90 degree valve stem, tube
313146.00x6.5 (420x150)RibAero Classic4
C-AV-08-0650B (70 DEGREE)6.50/7.00-8TubesAero Classicn/aButyl Easy Valve TR-87 Bent valve stem
C-AV-08-0650N6.50/7.00-8TubesAero Classicn/aTR-15 Natural Rubber Inner Tube
650-10 8 PLY RZ6.50x10RibAero Classic8Commercial Fleet FAA-TSO CST tire New for Cessna/Piper twins.
GL-6525N6.50x10TubesAero Classicn/aTR-25 Straight stem, Natural Rubber Tube
GL-6525B6.50x10TubesAero Classicn/aTR-25 Valve Stem, Butyl Standard Inner Tube
GL-6515B650x7.00-8TubesAero CLassicn/aTR-15 Valve Stem, Butyl Inner Tube
63506x2SolidAero ClassicFits Scott 2000 or Maule solid 6'
313167.00/7.5Vintage LookAero Classic6All Weather Rib DeHavilland Tiger/Gypsy Moth
GL-7020B7.00/8.00-6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-20 Valve Stem, Butyl Tube- Standard tube
C-AV-06-0700N7.00/8.00-6 TubesAero Classicn/aTR-20 Natural Rubber tube
313097.00-16RibAero Classic12DC-3 Main tire
313157.00x8Vintage LookAero Classic6All Weather Rib for Navion Mains
C-AV-10-0750A7.50x10 TubesAero Classicn/aTR-25 Butyl straight valve
750-14 8 PLY RT7.50x14RibDesser Retread831325-R
TU 750-147.50x14TubesAero Classicn/aTR-176 Valve Stem, Tube
313257.50x14 RibAero Classic8Rib Tubeless or TT
313297.5x10-8TundraAero Classic4Smooth TL/TT Use 8.50 -10 NR tube only 8' wheel
GL-70877B700/8.00-6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-87 70 degree valve stem, Butyl Inner Tube
8.00 SC 6 PLY8.00 SCTail WheelAero Classic6Smooth Tire
GL-8013N8.00x4TubesAero Classicn/aThe only tube for your Cub.
DT06008.00x7TubesAero Classicn/aTR-60 Valve Stem, Nose Inner Tube
313348.50x10TundaAero Classic6Smooth Lightweight
GL-8525N8.50x10TubesAero Classicn/aTR-25 Valve Stem, Natural Rubber Tube- Thicker tube than Butyl
313288.50x6TundraAero Classic4Smooth Tube Type
313388.50x6TundraAero Classic4Smooth Tundra Tubeless use standard Cleveland 6' wheels
GL-8520N8.50x6TubesAero Classicn/aTR-20 Valve Stem, Natural Rubber Tube - made for harsh winter climates.
313018.90x12.50Diamond TreadAero Classic6TLS/TT
313038.90x12.50RibAero Classic6Straight Rib Pattern Tread TL/TT
TU 890-12508.90x12.50TubesAero Classicn/aTR-15 Valve Stem, tube for DHC6 Nose tire
GL-8925N8.90x12.50 TubesAero Classicn/aTR-25 Valve Stem, Natural Rubber Tube
800-260 RT800x260DromaderDesser Retread8.00-260 Rib Retread, 31332-R
31312800x260DromaderAero Classic4Dromader Main Tire for the M18 Ag plane
31332800x260DromaderAero Classic6An2 / (AA4A5)
800x260800x260TubesAero Classicn/aTR-91 Valve Stem, Dromader Main tire tube
313279.00x6RibAero Classic10120 mphDC-3 TW or Shorts nose Tire
C-AV-06-0900NB9.00x6TubesAero Classicn/aDC-3 90 Deg. Natural Rubber Tube
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