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Aircraft Tyre Retreading

Retreading of aircraft tyres has been commonplace since the 1950’s and most tyres for Regional, Commuter and Airline aircraft will be retreadable and can, depending on size, provide very considerable cost savings with numerous retread levels being achieved.

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The combination of new tyres and and retreading allows Watts Aviation to provide a complete and independent airline service providing the very best of all that is available. Single Unit Price (SUP) and Cost Per Landing (CPL) programmes are also available to maximise efficiencies and reduce operator investment and cost.

Most retreading is carried out on the basis of customer supplied worn casings but where possible we’ll make available retreaded tyres on an outright purchase basis – please call for availability.

EASA & FAA approved retreading is undertaken in various locations including in our own high speed retreading facility in Los Angeles, California. Each worn casing undergoes non destructive inspection at various points during the process including Holography and Shearography and following successful inspection, production and testing, is returned with a dual release EASA Form One / FAA 8130-3 certificate. Add this to our sister company MRO wheel and brake offering and you have the complete service.

Aero Wheel and Brake Service Corporation Retreading Facility

Using state-of-the-art interferometric Laser Shearography non-destructive testing for its aircraft tire retreads.

Although this NDT measurement principle is not required by the FAA or the DOT, such a system significantly contributes to the safety and quality features of our retreaded aircraft tires. Michelin, Dunlop and Goodyear Aircraft retread tire divisions use this same method for testing on heavy turboprop and jet transport tires.

Our retreaded tires are individually tested in all NDT disciplines. Even new tires are only sampled for Laser Shearography testing, but our intent is to look for areas of concern on every turboprop and jet transport tire that goes through our stringent processes. We take our quality processes to the most exacting standards to ensure the best quality and most demanding first rate product is received by our customers.

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